Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Day 11 - Glen Clova to Glen Lethnot

Another big day today. We got a good start, Amanda, Peter, and I, leaving our campsite by 8:00. It was about a 5 km walk down the glen to the Clova Hotel. We stopped in for breakfast and a quick rest before our big climb for the day. We met a few Challengers inside who had stayed at the hotel or bunkhouse last night, just finishing up their own breakfast.

We climbed up the north side of Glen Clova, past Loch Brandy, and on top of Green Hill. The views were spectacular. The Jock's Road/Glen Clova part of the walk has been one of my favourite parts of the walk. It has been so beautiful.
Once we were up top, probably the third time we've taken a high route, the sideways rain and gusty wind started up for the third time. We must be lucky! After about an hour and a half walking the hill tops we had to say goodbye to our Canadian friend, Peter, as well as the Cairngorms National Park. He was walking on, and we were exiting into Glen Lethnot. It was a real pleasure walking with Peter, and I really hope he gives us a call for coffee next time he's near Okotoks.

Our exit should represent the last bit of off-trail we'll have to do. Amanda is not so sad about that. We dropped into the glen and it was smooth sailing from there. We managed to walk an extra couple of kilometres which should help us out tomorrow.
We are now in our tent after quickly finding a spot and setting up in the rain. It's only 6:30, but I think we will be headed to bed soon. It's really amazing how a good night's sleep can help you recuperate, when you think there's no way you can do it all over again tomorrow. Amanda's feet have been causing her issues most of the way so far (blisters, sores) but she has managed to get them in her boots every morning and keep going. Only two more days and then we can both get a little rest, and let our bodies heal.
This is our last night in the tent if everything goes according to plan. Tomorrow we will be in Brechin, and then Wednesday at the finish in Montrose. Thanks for everybody's positive vibes. They are helping push us to the finish line! That's it for today. Goodnight everybody!

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