Monday, 15 May 2017

Day 2 - Somewhere Between Loch Innis nan Seangan and Loch na m-Onaich to Alltbeithe

Still married.
We had about 9 km to make up today plus the 16 km we planned on doing. No small feat, but Amanda pushed me the last few kilometres, and we were able to do it.
It was a pretty unbelievable day of hiking. After a little rain last night we were able to break camp by 8:45 without a drop falling on us. The weather got better all morning and into the early afternoon.
We met our first TGOCers shortly after starting - Richard and Rosie from England. They were just breaking camp when we walked by. After we introduced ourselves Richard said, "Oh! You are the two Canucks!!" Maybe we're famous on this challenge, and we didn't even know it!

We had a tough climb up to the Falls of Glomach after lunch. These falls are supposedly the second highest in the U.K., and the most spectacular. The climb up was sketchy in parts and required us to do a little scrambling with a very steep mountainside on our left. After a lot of sweating we made it up and decided to go for a quick dip in the river above the falls. It was a great energy boost despite lasting less than a couple of minutes.
We crossed paths with a group of about ten young hikers at one point. After a bit of talking we found out they were Swiss. Without missing a beat Amanda said, "My boyfriend's from there." They all seemed a little confused. Then she said "Roger Federer", and everybody burst out laughing. It was pretty hilarious!
At this point the weather turned and we were in our waterproofs for most of the rest of the day. We had a fair amount of off-trail walking today, through the part-lumpy, part-squishy, mostly-mucky grass and earth. You really don't know which way your foot is going to land and turn when you put it down. After several hours of this, muscle fatigue sets in and you have to pay very close attention.

We set up camp around 8:00 tonight on a beautiful piece of flat, somewhat dry grass, with mountain valley views in all directions. We had two packs of rice for dinner with tea and coffee. Our very good friend TT is our hero today because she convinced us to buy crème brûlée from MEC as a treat. Gourmet chefs would likely cringe, but definitely one of the best things we've ever had for dessert. Thanks TT!!!

That's it for today. We are about to turn in for what feels like could be a chilly evening. Thanks again for reading. Good night everybody!

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