Saturday, 20 May 2017

Day 9 - Geldie Burn to Braemar - And Farewell to the Bothy Crew

We stuck to our plan this morning and were away by 7:10. This always ends up making for a good day as it allows an early finish. Our walk today took us up the River Dee.

We had half trail and half road walking, and some beautiful scenery. There was a bit of a drizzle, but nothing too miserable.

We walked up to Braemar around 11:45 and were able to check in right away. This was very exciting for us because we would have tonnes of time to dry gear, wash clothes, shower, nap, get supplies, and eat. Once we had our chores done we had a rest watching a little TV, while dozing in and out (JM).
Tonight we had a bittersweet dinner with the Bothy Crew: Paul, Howard, and Nigel (we found him!!!). These guys have been great friends to us over the past number of days. We have had some great conversations, lots of laughs, and there will absolutely be an open door for them if they ever make it over to our side of the world!

We said a few more potential goodbyes on the way out of the pub, realizing at the same time how many people we've met in a relatively short time. As we were leaving the lobby we heard another friend shout out, "Hey, it's Team Canada!!!". This was Minna from Finland who we have been playing leapfrog with for the past couple of days. We were happy to see her as she has been fighting an infected blister, and had managed to get to a doctor today to get some treatment.
We only have four days of walking left. I think we are at the point now that it will be both a disappointment, and a bit of a relief. We have had a great time meeting some amazing people, seeing beautiful scenery, and challenging ourselves. At the same time we are definitely tired, and our feet are sore. In other words we don't really want it to end but a little part of us does.
Thanks for reading everybody. Next post will be in three days. Good night!

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