Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day 13 - Brechin to Scurdie Ness Lighthouse, Montrose

We made it!! After thirteen days of hiking, countless mountains crossed, buckets full of sideways rain, a few dozen blister pads and bandaids, lots of laughs, and a few tears, we walked into Montrose today at about 1:00 in the afternoon. Hooray!!!

We had a good breakfast at our B&B to start us off. The weather was great today, almost a bit hot towards the end. We walked lots of country backroads towards our destination, including through Kinnaird Park, which we were able to sneak into. We didn't know at the time that it was the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Fife. Everybody seemed OK with it though. One maintenance guy on the far side gave us some last minute directions and told us the code for the security gate on our way out. Not bad!

Once we got to Scurdie Ness Lighthouse we had a 4 km walk back to the hotel. What???? We saw a few Challengers heading to the lighthouse on our way back in.

About half way back we stopped for an awesome lunch and a bit of a rest. After checking into the hotel we walked over to TGO Command Centre to check in and get our goodie bags. We are now cleaning up and getting ready for the celebratory dinner.

Would we do it again?
JM: Probably
Amanda: Too soon to tell
Note: Since we have gotten home and had a chance to recuperate both of our answers to this question are now both "Without a doubt!"

What did we learn?
JM: Walking off trail in Scotland is no small task.
Amanda: Scottish people are hard core when it comes to loving their country and walking.

Favourite part of crossing?
JM: Jock's Road to Glen Clova
Amanda: Meeting all of the great people

Toughest moment?
JM: Looking for a river crossing on Glen Feshie day.
Amanda: Corrieyairack pass in hurricane conditions.

What are we looking forward to most when we get home (other than family and friends)
JM: My slippers.
Amanda: Kitties.

I think overall we had a great time here, despite some long days, and challenging moments. For sure the highlight is having met so many friendly and kind people, both Challengers, as well as others. I truly enjoy the Scottish culture and the warmth of its people. If you have ever thought that you'd like to visit Scotland, I would highly recommend you do.

That's about it, I guess. We are headed to Edinburgh tomorrow to do some relaxing and sightseeing, and then home on Sunday. Thanks to everybody who followed the blog. I really hope you have enjoyed reading about our trip as much as I have enjoyed writing about it. See you all very soon!!


  1. Sounds like you guys had an excellent adventure....can't wait to catch up. MMHC

  2. Oh my what a beautiful place!!!!! You guys are the best !!!!!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your account - no mean feat in having to plan it all from Canada.
    And now the $64,000 question.
    Coming back for more?

    All the best

    1. Alan,
      Thank you for reading our blog, and for your kind words. We have fallen in love with your country, as well as its people and their wit. For those reasons the real $64,000 question isn't "Will we be back?", it's "When will we be back?"!! If not next year, then hopefully the one after that!
      We have enjoyed reading your blogs, old and new, as well as the many posts you have put on the message board. In fact, one of your blogs helped influence part of our crossing this year. I hope that when we come back we'll get the chance to meet you face to face!
      All the best!
      JM and Mandy