Wednesday, 17 May 2017

People We've Met So Far

We've met some amazing people so far and I wanted to capture all of them while it was all still fresh.

Rosie (4 crossings) and Richard (6 crossings) from Oxfordshire - Rosie wants to open a gin distillery, Richard is an IT consultant. LOVE sleeping in. Richard is a saint...

Patrick from Wales (12 crossings) - retired military lieutenant-colonel. Walks like a 30-year old but is probably into his 70's. Why take the 24 km route when you can do it in 33 km?

Mike from England (First crossing) - recently retired school teacher, recently moved to Scottish Highlands with his wife. Walks like a machine, doesn't take the easy road.

Pete and Rich (brothers, first crossing) - ultralight kit, party all night and kick our ass all day. Left middle brother at home.

Melgarve Bothy Crew (all multiple crossings): Paul (soon-to-be retired high-falootin' executive and only guy on the crossing to carry a white collared button-down shirt - because he can pull it off) Howard (retired executive, loves German rocket fuel), and Nigel (self-confessed problem snorer, only guy cool enough to rock a fleece pullover during the storm of the century) all good buddies, and all crossing together.

Frank - does a perfect Ozzy Osborne impression, fought him when they were schoolboys.

Richard from Derbyshire - loves animals, books, dehydrates his own gluten-free trail food.

Kevin and Gordon (brother-in-laws, Kevin shagging Gordon's sister) - Gordon won our round of celebrity encounters as he once met Prince Charles.

Barry - Super-kind, retired to sleep early. Subsequently met Barry at Ruigh Aiteachain where he gave us some choice real estate to pitch our tent.

Andrew (his son is a dirty bastard) and his dog Meg - drove and hiked to meet Paul, Howard, and
Nigel and cook them a steak dinner, and was also provider of fire for the Bothy.

Sabine from Germany - We crossed paths several times throughout the Challenge.  Always friendly, always helpful, and always taking amazing routes to get to the same place we were heading!

Brenda from Nottingham (4 crossings) - kept us company on day 6 with her very interesting stories. Thanks for making a long road walk go so quickly, Brenda!

James who dragged us the last 9 km on day 7. We might still be walking if he hadn't shown up!

Martin, Moira, and Joyce - Took the crossing to a whole new level by hiding a feast in the trees a few weeks early to be enjoyed on Day 8.  For sure the only Challengers to enjoy a meal of that caliber along with cider/beer/scotch, while in the middle of nowhere.  Well done, you guys!!

Minna from Finland.  Many people know how challenging Minna's crossing was yet she was always smiling and happy when we crossed paths.  On our way out of the Invercauld Arms in Braemar we heard "Team Canada!!!" from across the lobby - it was Minna getting our attention.

Peter from Caroline/Sundre area (an hour and half from where we live).  We shared a great two days with him along Jock's road and Glen Clova.  Hope to meet up for coffee in the future!

Jake, Jill, and Victoria also from Canada.  Only crew we met to have carried a beer cooler (with beer in it!) for the entire crossing.  Typical Canadians, eh?

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