Monday, 15 May 2017

Day 4 - Cougie to Fort Augustus

We started the day with our first Scottish breakfast - it's just the right way to start the day. We had to say goodbye to our roomie Patrick at this point as he was taking a different route to Fort Augustus. Ian and Sasha gave us some good last minute advice and sent us on our way around 8:30.

First off was a steep climb up to Bealach FÄ“ith na Gamhna. From here we walked off trail for about 3 km along Allt na Muic. This is where Ian's good advice came in - he told us to stay right on the banks of the river where there would be hard dear paths. This made a world of difference and probably saved us at least an hour and near certain exhaustion had we just taken a straight line through the bog and heather that we love so much.

Next there was about 5 km of back road which was a nice change of pace.

The home stretch to Fort Augustus was a tough climb over the hill to Inchnacardoch Forest and down into Fort Augustus.

We met two brothers, Pete and Rich, from England about 6 km from the end. They were kind enough to slow down enough for us to just keep up, which helped us finish sooner than we would have. We had a fun conversation and ended up joining them at the Lock Inn for a pint on the way into town. We then grabbed groceries, dinner, and headed to our B&B where we are now resting. Fort Augustus is a very cute little Scottish town on the south end of Loch Ness. In case anybody was wondering we did see Nessie.

It has been a luxurious night with hot showers, clean laundry, and a cupcake each left in our room.

Grandma might not want to read the next part..... I found two ticks around my waist at shower time. It was kind of gross but glad I found them before they were engorged. (Kirsten, Mandy said we should put them into a Ziploc to bring home, but there is no way I am carrying those two little critters the rest of the way across Scotland!). We did a quick check for each other and that seems to be it - hopefully for the rest of the trip also!!!!

Tomorrow will be our most ascent in one day, 990 m over the Corrieyairack Pass. We'll be in a tent again tomorrow night and will have limited service for a couple of days. Keep sending it out to the universe for good weather, and no ticks!! Thanks everybody!


  1. Glad you found the ticks we sent with you from Alberta..... they asked for a special trip to Scotland and we knew you guys wouldn't mind.....

  2. Ya thanks. It's always nice having a little extra company!!