Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Day 12 - Glen Lethnot to Brechin

After getting to bed early last night (about 7:30) we were able to get on the road early this morning (walking by 7:10). It was very windy last night with bits of heavy rain. Fortunately, sometime before 6:00 the sun started shining on our tent. It was a nice way to wake up and pack it up for the last time. It was also a good omen for the day - this was one of two or three days that we didn't have to get rain coats and pack covers out.

We were mostly on road today, but it may as well have been trail since we saw nobody else walking. There were a few farmers zooming back and forth but other than that we had the place to ourselves. It was very picturesque as we left Glen Lethnot behind, passed our last few mountains, and transitioned to rolling hills, and mostly agricultural land. We had a good time for fifteen minutes walking past one hillside where a farmer and his herding dog were moving sheep to another field. The dog was just loving his work.

We also enjoyed watching the small field rabbits racing all over the place. They are extremely fast and never seem to run out of energy. We did hit one stretch of road where they weren't fast enough though, as we saw dozens of flattened carcasses over a few kilometres of road. I think that is more a function of numbers than of agility. It was almost like gophers on Alberta backroads!
After a decent climb up to Brown Caterthun, and White Caterthun we stopped for lunch and enjoyed the view over to Montrose Basin where our walk will end tomorrow.

We pushed on and made it to our B&B in Brechin by about 1:00. After a little rest we cleaned up and went for a little walk to find a pop. We came back to the B&B for some more resting and are just getting ready to go for dinner now.
Tomorrow will be a relatively easy walk to Scurdie Ness where our trip ends. As mentioned in an earlier post it will be bittersweet. We'll be sad the walk is over but looking forward to not always having our house, kitchen, bathroom, and clothes on our backs!
That's it for today. Thanks for reading.


  1. Caitlyn reading your blog and says you are amazing- we all agree!!! Well done my friends!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for reading, Tiedjes!! It means a lot to us!
    KT tell Mike carrying a razor would have broken my back!!!